what it looks like


3 data levels
From the Historic tab in your Dashboard you can see
all previous match performances of your team.


From the Pre-Match tab in your Dashboard you can check
how your team performed previously against its first upcoming opponent.


From the Live tab in your Dashboard you can check how your team
is performing against its opponent. Live.



incredibly easy to use

We've made it incredibly easy to find, use and understand match data. You can move and scale our ready made charts, graphs and maps in seconds to create your own custom fit Dashboard.
it's all here

clubs, leagues and championships

We cover all major clubs, leagues and championships and we keep adding new ones as we go. That way, we can be your favorite hub for all your match data needs.
seek and you will find

Stats Marketplace

Our Stats Marketplace is truly one of a kind.
The Stats Marketplace is set up like any regular webshop so you can instantly find your way. The only difference is, it's free!